The Rose & Glow (R&G) West Sussex Wellness Experiences are set amongst the beautiful vineyards of the Ashling Park Estate. An immediate sense of calm and tranquillity washes over you as you make your way down the sweeping gravel drive, passing the neatly lined vineyard, and towards the heart of the estate.

As a valued woman, you deserve:

  • The opportunity to reward yourself precious, much needed time out of your routine.
  • Space to refresh, re-focus and rejuvenate.
  • Time to freely connect with other like-minded women and tap into new creativity.
  • The headspace to expand your mind and thoughts.
  • To thrive and be confident in the company of others.
  • To feel invigorated and radiate that special glow.

During a Rose & Glow Experience you will have time to breathe, move and feel energised under the twin’s expert guidance in Pilates and Yoga. You will explore the picturesque West Sussex countryside and nearby coastal paths, eat delicious food, enjoy the company of like-minded women and just breathe….

Maybe your fitness intentions are to primarily gain vitality from the activities you choose?

 And to gain strength, stability and flexibility in both your body and mind?

At R&G, the Twin Team plan each day with this ethos at the forefront of both the ONE day and TWO NIGHT/3 DAY residential experience. Our promise is to create an empowering stay for you, bringing a renewed zest for life, inner strength and beauty to your life moving forward.

A Day on a Rose & Glow West Sussex Wellness Experience Provides:

  • Uplifting, dynamic, energising movement sessions.
  • Delicious, nutrient-rich, mouth-watering food experiences.
  • Spectacular hikes meandering the Chichester Harbour coastal paths and through the South Downs countryside.
  • Moments of freedom for mind and soul.
  • Fresh, clean air to restore and revitalise.
  • Time to experience joy and gratitude.
  • Ample opportunity to talk and form new connections.

CHOOSE from our exciting schedule of ONE day Experiences with us at Ashling Park Estate

OR maybe you would prefer to step away from your everyday existence for a while and let us take care of you on our TWO night/THREE day Experiences

Read more about our experiences below: