About Us

The Twin Team at Rose & Glow are twin sisters Helen MacDonald-Prideaux and Lucy-Ann Prideaux. The twins were born to professional sports parents and raised on a sports university campus. Movement and sport have naturally been their lives work and experience.

Being immersed in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, tennis, hockey and trampolining from an early age, their adult education naturally leaned towards the teaching and science of movement and the human body. Lucy-Ann's undergraduate degree was in Sport and Exercise Science and Helen's in Performing Arts. Helen's postgraduate training began with attaining a diploma in Dance from the Laban Centre in London and then a PGCE in Dance Education. Lucy-Ann followed her first-class degree with a MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism.

Together, the twins have over 40 years of experience in the fields of health and wellbeing, exercise teaching, instruction and nutrition.

Why Rose&Glow?

We spent months deciding on a name for our business.

We wanted a name that portrayed the fact that we are twins... a name that included the concept of duality.

The ampersand is therefore our main logo.

We wanted a name that communicated health and vibrancy. 

We wanted a feminine brand.

We wanted a brand that spoke to women at mid-life.

We wanted a name that gave a nod to nature and the outdoors. Don't you always look rosy and glowing after a good walk outside?!

Poignantly....the rose was one of our Mother's favourite flowers.

We felt that "Rose&Glow" communicates all the above. And so Rose&Glow was born.  

Helen began her professional teaching career in 1994 working in secondary education. Then, in 2004 she gained the STOTT PILATES® full comprehensive training in matwork and equipment. She then gained teacher qualifications with the Body Arts and Science Innovation (BASI), the leading international Pilates education academy, as a BASI Pilates instructor.

Helen has completed her Mentor Level Training with BASI Pilates and is also a Buff Bones® Instructor. In 2022 Helen underwent a 25 hour in-depth training in Yoga with internationally renowned Yoga Instructor, Schuyler Grant. Today, Helen manages her own private Pilates studio teaching groups and individuals. This allows her to fully embrace an active, rewarding life both professionally and personally.

Helen lives in West Sussex with her family.

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Lucy-Ann began her working career in 1990 as an exercise instructor and personal trainer. Following a MSc in Human Nutrition, and gaining her Registered Nutritionist status, she remained in the world of nutrition for almost 20 years. Alongside her working career, she competed as a swimmer, runner and triathlete. In her 30s, she began her lifelong love of yoga. She also studied Ayurveda medicine, training as an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Practitioner. This deepened her knowledge of food, in particular the use of spices and herbs, anti-ageing nutrition, and women’s health and nutrition for a healthy digestive function.

After moving to Cornwall, she completed the Yoga Standards Alliance’s 200-hour training programme with a Registered Yoga School (RYS) to attain her RYS 200 Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate. She has since completed an in-depth 25 hour yoga training with renowned international Yoga Instructor, Schuyler Grant. In addition, Lucy-Ann has recently embarked on her 300hr Advanced Teaching Training Certificate, and aims to complete this during 2023. Today, Lucy-Ann teaches regular yoga classes in North Cornwall, focusing on yoga for health, and everyday functional strength. When not teaching yoga, Lucy-Ann can be found hiking the SW coastal path with her dog, Samson. 

Lucy-Ann lives in North Cornwall with her family.

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