What People Say

I think I was the perfect candidate (in my needs not me personally) for your R&G Experience.  I was exhausted from grief and family stress.  I’m slap bang in the middle of mid-life hormonal stresses, and I desperately needed the pick me up that Cornwall gave me.  It also lifted my confidence a huge amount!  Now I just need to try and keep that feeling going and continue to come again every year!

You are both excellent teachers and really good at walking around the group and gently correcting postures as we all tried to hold the positions.  Your knowledge of body structure and the muscles and how they work is superb and it helps us to understand which muscles we’re trying to engage and why.  I loved the flow of the class between Yoga and Pilates.

I had THE BEST time. I can honestly say my body has never felt like it has functioned so well before and I thank you for that!

Just want to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. It was a magical day. You were both such good instructors...I haven't really done Yoga or Pilates but so enjoyed the sessions. The hike was wonderful and the weather glorious. I am spreading the word with my friends and relations. What a wonderful venue. Food delicious and sparkling wine amazing, and wonderful Yoga/Pilates

Thank you so much for today. It was a great event, in all respects. You are both such a great combination and compliment each other so well. I really enjoy the combination of Pilates and Yoga!

A wonderful day off work! Good balance of exercise, switching off, great company and great food/drink.

I just think today has been great! You’re a fabulous team… lovely atmosphere, very relaxing and welcoming. Congratulations Twins!

You are both such accomplished teachers, it is a real delight to be taught by you.”

Congratulations on a fabulous day!! We all enjoyed it so much. Lovely to walk and chat with you.