1. DESCRIPTION OF TERMS 'Rose&Glow' means the business that is owned and operated by Helen Macdonald-Prideaux and Lucy-Ann Prideaux. 'Guest' means the person that has booked accommodation at the allocated venue for the Rose&Glow Experience, during agreed arrival and departure times.

  2. BOOKING TERMS Booking Deposit. Your booking deposit payment is a holding registration fee and is non-refundable. Receipt of your booking deposit payment will be taken as agreement to Rose&Glow Terms & Conditions as stated on the website, roseandglow.co.uk on the date of payment. The booking deposit payable may vary dependent on your specific booking. Once the booking is confirmed, the ‘Guest’ becomes responsible for paying the full balance of the agreed cost and for paying by the agreed dates. ‘Guests’ must be over 18 years of age. The booking will only go ahead upon receipt of full and final payment 6 weeks prior to the arrival date. If either of these are not received on the date agreed, the booking will have to be cancelled and the booking deposit withheld. Rose&Glow reserves the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from parties that may in their opinion - and at their sole discretion - be unsuitable. Full payment of the total full price agreed is required 8 weeks before arrival date, to be made by bank transfer to the account provided.

  3. VENUE USE The Booking Period must be strictly adhered to and the agreed time of arrival and departure cannot be exceeded unless permission is given in writing. Care of the property for the Booking Period and when in the Property you, as the ‘Guest’, will be expected to ensure yourself take reasonable care of the building, furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment and utensils to keep them in the same state of repair, condition and cleanliness as at the commencement of your Booking period. You agree to report as soon as possible to Rose&Glow any breakages or damage caused by anyone associated with your Booking period. Normal wear and tear excluded, as ‘Guest’, you agree to pay for any losses or damages to the Property caused by you, including replacement or repair for such breakages or damage or for any necessary professional cleaning. Normal wear and tear, for the avoidance of doubt, means repairs that are decorative and wear out or come adrift in the course of reasonable use. Only those listed on the booking may occupy the premises as overnight guests. Any other people on site must have been agreed to by Rose&Glow. Entering the Property Orchard Air or agents acting for Orchard Air retain the right to enter the property if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out) and without prior notice if not practical or possible.

  4. BEHAVIOUR You, as the ‘Guest’ agree to take responsibility for ensuring your behaviour is appropriate (for example, not dangerous, offensive, anti-sociable or damaging) so as not to negatively impact the property, neighbours, neighbouring property or other people. If any behaviour is deemed inappropriate or is impacting negatively on the property, neighbours or neighbouring property, Rose&Glow reserves the right to ask those persons to leave the property. You, as the ‘Guest’, agree that you use the Property lawfully and will not abuse any facilities provided and will comply with any health and safety or other policies or instructions notified to you by Rose&Glow. Smoking is not allowed inside any areas of the property. It is permitted in the grounds.

  5. OUR LIABILITY General. We accept responsibility for ensuring that services are supplied as described and that the services we are contractually obliged to provide are to a reasonable standard, using reasonable care and skill. Rose&Glow will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in particular relating to fire, health and safety. Rose&Glow will ensure the Property is properly maintained, clean, tidy and in good repair at the start of the Booking Period. We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or for breach of your legal rights. Not within our liability: Rose&Glow cannot accept liability for cancellations, delays or changes caused by weather, war, threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, transport issues, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances or other events beyond our control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions. Rose&Glow cannot accept liability for any losses related to any business of the ‘Guest’ including but not limited to lost data, profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business interruption.

  6. HEALTH AND SAFETY Please advise us of any health conditions that may affect you during your stay at the proposed property before you book and we reserve the right to decline your application. Whilst all measures are taken to ensure a high standard of health and safety, we shall not be responsible for any problems arising from health matters which we had not been made aware of at the point of booking. The use of accommodation, amenities and activities are entirely at the Guests' own risk and Rose&Glow is not liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the stay. However, Rose&Glow does not seek to exclude or limit legal liability for the negligence of their servants or agents.

  7. PERSONAL Personal belongings and vehicles (including their contents) belonging to the ‘Guest’ are left at the Property entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury to you or your personal property except to the extent such loss, damage or injury is caused by our negligence.

  8. ALTERATIONS TO BOOKINGS Cancellation Policy: We regret that we are unable to give compensation for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency etc) because as a small business we are not able to underwrite these kinds of costs. Please let Rose&Glow know as soon as possible if you decide to cancel. Your booking will be cancelled as soon as we receive this instruction in writing. Unfortunately, neither the booking deposit nor the full balance payment, once paid, can be returned if you subsequently decide to cancel. Depending on your reason for cancellation, you may be covered by your insurance policy.

  9. AVAILABILITY In the unlikely event that the proposed property is not available through events arising outside the control of Rose&Glow, then we may be forced to cancel the booking. The ‘Guest’ will be advised as early as possible and the ‘Guest’ will be offered alternative dates, which, if not acceptable, will entitle the ‘Guest’ to a refund of all monies due. We reserve the right to make any change at any time and, if being a significant change, will inform you as soon as possible and do our very best to provide a good solution.

  10. INSURANCE Rose&Glow is fully insured – Rose&Glow team is insured to instruct and lead all activities. You, as the ‘Guest’, must have Public Liability cover & we strongly recommend your insurance also covers you in case unforeseen circumstances mean you're unable to proceed with the booking. Travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost. Rose&Glow shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in transportation. Therefore, ‘Guests’ should cover unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses and all the usual risks and bring the policy with you in case of emergency. The best way to get the right insurance policy for your particular circumstances is to contact an insurancebroker.

  11. COMPLAINTS If you have a problem before/during/after your stay, please inform Rose&Glow immediately and we will endeavour to put things right as soon as possible.

  12. ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Data & Privacy. In making a booking we will ask for personal information such as your name, business name, postal address, email address, telephone number and payment details. We may use the data to inform you about news and information we think may be of interest to you. From time to time we may use other companies and individuals for the purposes of administration. Contractors will not be allowed to use your personal information for any other purpose than that which Rose&Glow may have instructed. By booking with us you are deemed to have consented to use of personal information for these purposes. If you decide that you would prefer that your information is not used in this way or that you do not wish to receive such information, please contact us at:
  13. VALIDITY CLAUSE If any term or provision in these booking conditions is found by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be wholly or partly illegal, invalid, void, voidable, unenforceable or unreasonable it shall to the extent of such illegality, invalidity, being void, being unenforceable or unreasonableness be deemed severable and the remaining provisions of the booking conditions and the remainder of such provision shall continue in full force and effect.

Voucher Terms & Conditions

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Unused values will not be refunded or attributed to any transactions after the expiry date.

Gift vouchers can be redeemed against all events advertised on the Rose&Glow website.

Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, have their balanced consolidated to a new voucher or be replaced after expiry and are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit card.