Is it a pill, a potion, a food, or a herb? No, it's none of things. What if I told you, that sitting quietly, in gentle stretching positions for 3-5 mins at a time, could actually slow down the ageing process, by reducing levels of stress, deeply nourishing the muscles and joints, and balancing the nervous system? Hard to believe isn't it? Or is it?

Emotional eating can be defined as a coping mechanism to deal with strong feelings or emotions. A true nutritional need to eat lacks any negative connections or emotions. Eating should never be driven by extreme emotions. When it does, it impacts negatively on the body, mind, and digestion. Eating should create a feeling of satisfaction and calmness. Eating to fuel and nourish your body allows you to enjoy food and mealtimes with others, optimise energy, and maintain a healthy metabolism.

A healthy attitude towards food means developing a way of eating that satisfies the body’s energetic and nutritional needs.

How to tackle emotional eating...

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection." The Buddha

Are you someone that struggles with self-confidence? Maybe you tend to be self-deprecating? There are several ways in which low self-confidence, low self-worth or low self-esteem may be showing up in your life. You may be doing or feeling any of the following...

Spending time outside at any time of the year, especially with friends is fun, healthy and revitalising. Here's a lowdown of the benefits of spending time outdoors...

You'll feel better in yourself. Joining a group for a day out, or getting involved in outdoor activities can improve your self-esteem, confidence, and creativity. Socialising is very easy when you're active outside. You feel connected and part of a positive, healthy group of people.

You can increase your vitamin D levels. The body needs sunlight to make vitamin D, which is crucial for your bone health, and immune system.

We take nutrition very seriously. We have both studied nutrition and Lucy-Ann practised as a registered nutritionist for nearly 20 years. As women at mid-life, we need to take extra care of what we put into our bodies.

Here are some important dietary aspects to consider...

* In the stillness of the morning, in the early quietness of your breath, the practice is preparing you.

 * The strength you need for the Warriors won't let you fall when your world crumbles.

* The solidarity of Mountain pose will make you stand tall and remind you to follow your dreams when others doubt you.

 * The balance poses will bring you back to centre when you are caught off guard.

 * The intensity of long holds will remind you not to give up.

 * And all the people around you, that practice with you, have shown up to remind you that you are not alone in this.

 We love these words, by Gabrielle Harris


The beginning of any new day is a chance to set the tone and forward momentum of your life.

The quiet and stillness of the morning (before others rise) presents the perfect opportunity to connect to your visions, goals, and spend time with yourself.