We watch children play with complete abandonment - no care in the world, or bother about the opinions of others. Their imagination is open and wild, and they feel free to create and express themselves through their play.

But play is not just for kids! In a world that is often serious and competitive, playfulness is a breath of fresh air. It is a reminder that life is not just about work and responsibility; it is also about joy, laughter, and creativity.

Whether it's a WI group, a women's sports team, or women's circle, the power of sisterhood is truly impactful, and for many life-changing. Women have banded and gathered together for centuries, in love and solidarity to share the strengths of sisterhood.

Mental health is a growing concern in today's world, with more and more people experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression. While there are many different types of therapy available, there is one that is accessible to most, drug-free and cheap: practising mindfulness in nature.

When trust and faith starts from within, our belief in ourselves, and our capabilities grows stronger. We build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. When we trust and believe in ourselves, we tend to believe in life too. We believe that life is on our side.

Proper walking technique should come naturally to us all. Walking is a fantastic way to stay fit, as well as build excellent leg strength, develop good core strength, practise good posture, burn body fat, and even practise some healthy breathing techniques. However, through improper footwear, poor posture, and bad habits, a person's walking technique can be far from ideal, and can even lead to structural issues further down the line.

After listening to a conversation about loneliness and how people, young and old, find themselves disconnected and isolated from society, I spent days pondering the subject. It bothered me. I decided to delve a little bit deeper to see what I could find. The research is clear, and shocking. Loneliness is dangerous. It is a serious health problem that can have a significant impact on our physical and mental health.

There is strong interconnectedness between humans and nature. Rewilding our ecosystems is not just about protecting the environment, but also about improving our own health and well-being. Rewilding is not something that is only beneficial for nature, but also for humans.

Blue Zones are regions around the world where people tend to live longer, healthier lives, and are known for their high concentration of centenarians (people who live to be 100 or older). These areas have attracted significant attention from researchers and health enthusiasts alike due to their unique lifestyle and dietary patterns that contribute to longevity. The term "Blue Zones" was coined by National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner, who identified and studied these regions.

How we (our body, brain and nervous system) interact with the world around us is called body awareness. The central nervous system picks up information about our surroundings, and relays this back to the brain and body.

Interoception is the collection of senses that provides information about the internal state of the body. It involves the brain's ability to receive and interpret signals from the body's internal organs and systems.

Whether it's Tree Pose, a single leg squat or standing on our hands, incorporating balance exercises into your life, whether through yoga or Pilates, can have a profound impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. Being able to balance not only helps you become more physically capable but could even extend your life.