Why Visualisation is more than just manifesting your dreams....

Visualisation is a great way to manifest the things you really want. By using your imagination and creating internal pictures, you allow your brain to register those things as being possible for you. You are then more likely to make the right decisions needed in order to get them. Visualisation can also contribute to overall well-being by promoting mindfulness and positive thinking. In the practise of yoga, we use a "drishti" or a visual point to help calm the mind and "rest the eyes". Although not exactly visualisation, focusing the eyes on a specific point can help us to use our minds intentionally. 

Engaging in visualisation exercises helps individuals cultivate relaxation and self-awareness, leading to improved mental health and a greater sense of well-being.

It turns out that our eyes can do more than just take in the sights of the world around us! As neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman from Stanford University has shared, how we focus our eyes is closely linked to the internal stress levels we feel.

Just by expanding our visual field the body is able to switch off the stress response. We can induce a state of calm and reduce stress by allowing our eyes to relax and take in a wider panorama or view.

Panoramic vision or optic flow is when you look at a horizon or broad vista, and you're not focused on one thing for very long. If you keep your head still, you can dilate your gaze so you can see far into the periphery, above, below and to the sides of you.

Unlike when we are visually focused on one thing (like a computer screen) in panoramic vision, our ability to see detail fades. Instead, panoramic visions allow us to see the bigger picture, boosting our reaction time and mellowing our “flight or flight” response to stressful situations.

Try it while taking in some long slow breaths too!

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