In yoga, we take Savasana (corpse pose) at the end of every practise. It is the final resting pose, or better still, the ultimate restorative pose. Savasana brings the body and the mind back into balance. It is often said to be the most important pose in all of the yoga pose repertoire. It is also often said to be the most challenging. Why? Because it challenges us to be still amidst the busyness of life, to be quiet, and to be with ourselves.

We live in a culture that demands effort, action, and achievement. In order to appear successful, we must be seen to be busy - busy with work, busy socially, and busy keeping up appearances. Eventually, however, we run out of steam, and end up feeling stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We have forgotten how to rest, and disregard the importance of building rest into our routines. In addition, "rest" is all too often associated with laziness, or being idle, which simply adds insult to injury. Let's get something clear, here and now. We need to rest. Rest is vital to regenerate, revitalise and repair - body and mind. Running on adrenalin and ramping up stress hormone levels leads to faster ageing, breakdown and disease. It also leads to unhappiness.

We need to undo society's narrative, which begins with changing our own internal narratives that we must be doing in order to feel worthy, and important. It's okay to take more time to rest, and do nothing! Give yourself full permission to nap if you need to, cancel an event or social engagement if you feel overwhelmed, get an early night, or simply curl up in a quiet spot with a good book.

Take your very own, unique Savasana.